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Portable Speaker

Speakers with USB port

In addition to Bluetooth models, there are other types of speakers that connect to the device via a USB cable. The output power of this model, which is provided by the USB port, is five volts in a few milliamperes. The received power is transmitted to the device through plugs and usb cables. That way, you do not need a battery or a power supply.

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Select Bluetooth speaker, wireless, wired

There are different types of speakers on the market, each with its own characteristics. You can choose the type according to your needs. Since most people want to use their speaker in travel, nature, home and anywhere else, they have to choose the wireless or Bluetooth type. This type of speaker can accompany you anywhere and anytime without the need for additional accessories.

Most smart devices that use the Android system and have an audio output port can easily connect to Bluetooth and wireless speakers.

Buy smart speakers

Another technology that has attracted young people is Google Smart Speakers, where you can share a list of playable music. This technology works with Bluetooth capability and allows you to connect your computer system to the smart center. As a result of this intelligent technology, the best sound quality will be guaranteed.

Check the physical connections of the portable speaker

Depending on the type of speaker you choose, you should also check the type of connections. Note that in addition to Bluetooth capability, it also supports cable ports. However, if one of the features does not work, you can use another. Of course, this also depends on the type of work you do. If you are using a computer, you should consider a USB connection.

The more ports, the easier it is to connect your speaker to any type of device. But keep in mind that your device must support a 3.5mm jack. The most important types of connectors for portable speakers are USB and optical connectors.

Portable Speaker - bluetooth speaker

Today, most young people need a portable device to listen to music anywhere, so that they can spend their free time well. For this purpose, portable speakers can be a good solution to double the enjoyment of music at home, car, travel, etc. for you.

Portable speakers have unique features that you can choose from in a variety of colors and designs. With this device, you no longer need a cable or power outlet. You can also play your playlist via your phone, tablet or other smart device.

Important features of a portable Bluetooth speaker

Using portable speakers, you can increase the quality and performance of sound played from laptops, smartphones, etc. to some extent. In the following, we will introduce you to the important points and features that a portable speaker should have. Some of these features can be frequency response, speaker output power, connection type and so on.

Standard speakers

The most common type of speakers used in most homes are standard speakers. These speakers have a 2-channel output and consist of a subwoofer. This type of speaker, as its name implies, provides the normal needs of a normal user and is cheaper than other devices. You can connect it to your smart device via cable or wirelessly.

Multi-channel speakers

These types of speakers are more advanced than other types and can provide high quality sound. Channel means device outputs that have a direct impact on audio playback. The more channels the speaker has, the more power the device will output to produce sound. With the development of technology, more advanced types of speakers have come to the market that are relatively more expensive.

Appearance and size of the speaker

After the technical features of the speaker, it comes to its shape and size. Portable speakers You need to be careful about your weight and size because you are traveling. Choosing a speaker in terms of size and appearance depends on your personal taste. You may want to use a small speaker that fits snugly in your bag. In addition to the appearance of the speaker, be sure to check the sound quality. Because the sound quality may vary depending on the size of the device.

Portable speaker control

Another feature of speakers is having a remote control. This control can let you adjust the sound and music playlist. If you want to have a versatile speaker, choose the one that has more features. For example, you can control the speaker from your phone.

Check the power and sound quality

One of the important points when buying a portable speaker is to measure the power of the output sound, which is often determined by the W unit. For high quality sound from your speaker, it’s best to look for a speaker with more power than the W5. When shopping, try playing some music through the speaker to see the difference in sound quality.

Portable Speaker - better sound co

Speaker port type

Portable speakers usually consist of several connection ports so you can connect to smart devices via cable. Since most speakers do not have internal memory, they have a USB port for connecting to external memory such as flash.

If you care about the features of your portable speaker, be sure to check the specifications on the label.

Other portable speaker features

In addition to all the tips we have explained about speaker selection, there are some other features that we will explain to you in the following.

How to charge the speaker: Be sure to check the type of port that is related to charging the device. Because some of them have a Micro-usb or Type C port. This allows you to charge by the power bank if you do not have access to electricity.

Waterproof: If you want to use portable speakers near the beach, pool or bath, you should consider its waterproof feature. So that if you accidentally spill water or any drink on it, no serious problem will occur.

Microphone: The microphone feature on the speaker is one of the important points that allows you to answer incoming calls.

Bluetooth version: This indicates the quality of the connection between the device and the speaker. It is better to support version 4 and above to avoid problems with disconnection, connection and delay.

Experience the best sound quality with a portable speaker

When buying a portable speaker, be sure to check the technical features such as number of ports, type of connection, number of channels, output power and more. For accurate selection, you can identify different types of portable speakers in terms of sound quality, different dimensions and designs.

For this purpose, the company better sound system offers a variety of audio equipment such as soundbar, speakers, WiFi systems, etc. with guaranteed quality and reasonable prices.

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