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Amplifier is an audio device that increases the quality of the output sound to an acceptable level. If you are one of those people who are very interested in music, you will definitely need a home amplifier. But you should also pay attention to your necessary features and needs when shopping. In this article, we will introduce you to the use of amplifiers, its types and important points for buying it. Stay with us until the end of the article.

Reason for using the amplifier

You may sometimes notice that the sound of the speakers is very low or of poor quality, or you may experience disconnection and reconnection. In such cases, you can use an amplifier to increase the output sound quality. This device amplifies the broadcast sound and then sends it to the speaker. On the other hand, it can play sound without noise and interruption.
There is another type of amplifier used in car audio systems. You can install this device in any type of machine and enjoy excellent sound quality.

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Application of amplifier

Today, with the development of technology, a variety of audio players are marketed. You can play any type of music on different devices. First the information and songs are read from the flash memory and then it changes to analog mode. On a device that plays audio, you can amplify and optimize the sound with settings such as equalizer.
But with that, there is an important problem. That playback of sound through devices and its transformation into another mode affects the quality and volume of sound. To solve this problem, using sound amplifiers such as amplifiers is a good way.
Based on this, it can be said that the main function of amplifiers is to amplify audio signals and speakers. This feature is very useful in car audio systems and home systems.

Types of amplifiers

Generally, amplifiers are classified into two categories: 1- Stereo amplifier 2- Home amplifier
These two types of amplifiers are different in terms of sound quality. Stereo amplifiers are capable of playing 1 and 2 channel audio. This means that they have only two bands and the sound is transmitted through the front and rear speakers. Home amplifiers can play 16 channels of audio. Sometimes home amplifiers can also play professional audio portfolios. Due to this feature, it has a high price compared to the stereo type.
Home amplifiers are generally marketed under the brands kenwood, creative, pioneer, Samsung, etc. Each of these has unique features, which are tailored to the needs of customers.
Types of amplifiers in terms of number of channels

  • Single channel amplifier: Another name for these devices is mono amplifier. It is used to install a subwoofer.
  • Two-channel amplifier: Excellent for amplifying audio output from two bands. These types of devices also have the ability to convert. You can also use a powerful subwoofer.
  • Four-channel amplifier: The most powerful type of amplifier that uses four outputs to connect to the band and subwoofer.
  • Five-channel amplifier: The newest and most advanced type of amplifier that can connect four bands with a powerful subwoofer. This product is excellent in car distribution systems and even homes.

Home Amplifier

These types of devices are for amplifying the sound of home systems. They function like car amplifiers. The only major difference is in the quality and quantity of the sound. Amplifiers used in homes and public places should be more powerful than other systems. But the amount of noise emitted in car systems does not need to be higher due to the small space.

Important points when buying an amplifier

If you are planning to buy a suitable amplifier, you need to decide where you want to use it. For example, to provide an amplifier for your home, you should use a more professional amplifier device that can increase the quality in larger places.

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The type of wire used in the amplifier

The use of quality wire plays an important role in the amount of sound playback. Whether in a home system or in the wiring of a car audio system, you need to make sure of the type of wire. The wires of home amplifiers are usually made of good material.
Generally, the best wires used for amplifiers are made of white metal, steel, aluminum, etc. These wires are of high quality and heat up later than copper. For this reason, it prevents the reduction of sound clarity.

Amplifier output power

When buying, pay attention to the volume of the device. The output power of the amplifier is usually displayed on the label of the device. The higher this value, the more powerful your device’s output will be. High output power is very important for home amplifiers.

Ability to remove noise

Usually in the device specifications in front of the amplifier, a number is written that indicates the amount of signal to audio noise. When buying, pay attention to the highest amount. Because your device has a high ability to produce clear sound and remove.

Select the type of amplifier

The first and most important thing when buying an amplifier is to determine the type of device. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, amplifiers come in two types of stereo and home, which operate in terms of sound quality. Also, in terms of number of channels, we can mention single-channel, dual-channel and multi-channel amplifiers.
You can choose the type of amplifier according to your budget and the number of bands you have.

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According to the features of the amplifier, you should also consider your budget and pay attention to the specifications of sound, quality, output power, etc. when buying.
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