installation an audio system

installation an audio system

To install an audio system in a conference room, you must do it accurately and in principle to have the best sound quality in all parts of the hall. In this article, we will talk about how to install and set up an audio system to get acquainted with the tools needed to form an audio system. Stay with us.

Equipment required for the installation of the audio system

If you want to have the best sound system in a relatively large conference hall, you need to get some necessary equipment. In general, a professional audio system consists of several components:

• amplifier

• Speaker

• mixer

• Microphone and cable

• connections

Application of amplifier in audio system

An amplifier is an electronic kit that means an amplifier. In other words, the amplifier in electronic devices and systems plays the role of amplifier of electronic signals. Amplifiers are often used to amplify audio signals and drive car audio or home audio systems.

Amplifiers are also used to amplify sound in music and musical instruments such as electric guitar, bass, violin, etc.

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Types of amplifiers in terms of number of channels

Amplifiers are usually divided into four categories:

• 1 channel mono amplifier

• Stereo or dual channel amplifier

• 4 channels with 4 outputs

• 6 channel amplifier

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Types of amplifiers based on the type of technology

Today, powerful amplifiers are designed and marketed that, in addition to the difference in power (watts) and input voltage, each have special features. Among the features that an amplifier can have:

• remote control

• music player or playback

• Bluetooth technology

• manual volume control (to increase or decrease the volume)

• bass and treble (to adjust the pitch of the music)

Install the amplifier

In conference halls where passive speakers are used, you will definitely need an amplifier. This is because the received sound is amplified and sent to the speakers. To do this, you need to check the exact connection of input and output on the amplifier.

When you have installed the amplifier, connect the speaker cables to the output of the device. You must use a speaker plug to connect it.

After connecting the microphone cable, the sound can be transmitted stereo from the mixer to the amplifier. Connect the prepared cable from the output of the mixer to the input of the amplifier. This way, you can adjust the output of the amplifier to your liking with the volume buttons.

Microphone box installation

The microphone box is often mounted on the stage to maintain its connection to the control room. To install the microphone box, first determine its location. Also cover the stage cables with PVC pipes to prevent possible damage.

After that, the installation plugs must be connected in the desired location. You can connect each of the lines inside the cable, which consists of different wires, to a base by soldering and soldering. The microphone box is now ready to install.

installation an audio system - amplifier system

Installation of sound mixer

The audio mixer consists of several inputs and outputs that you can receive audio through the inputs and listen to the audio output by applying the desired settings. To install it, first connect the output cable of the microphone box to the input of the mixer. Then connect the output of the mixer to the amplifier.

How to connect the speaker plug on the cable

To install the speaker plug, you must first open the plug. At this time, you will see 4 terminals that are used to connect the required cables. To do this, you must use base +1 for positive and base -1 for negative. There are two other bases, 2+ and 2-, which are used to get the output of the speakerphone plug.

Installation of speakers

When installing the speakers, you must specify their exact location. All cables are protected by PVC pipes. This prevents noise and physical damage. When connecting cables, be sure to consider that speaker cables are suitable for passive speakers and microphone cables are suitable for active speakers.

Just as the type of speaker cable is different, so is the type of connection plug. So that the speaker plug is used in the passive speaker and the canon plug is used in the active speaker.

Tips for setting up an audio system

Do not do any part of installing the audio system that you are not 100% sure is done correctly. It may seem simple, but many people make the mistake of determining whether they are qualified.

Pay for expert advice and guidance. Do not try to steal information from them, be honest with them and ask them to advise on the project at a reasonable cost. Note that not all contractors are willing to help you with advice, as they are not accustomed to doing so. And perhaps most importantly, they are (rightly) concerned with the responsibilities of implementing the advice on how to install the speakers. We recommend that any part of the audio system installation that may be a safety issue be left to a specialist.

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